Oil Flooded

Oil Flooded Compressors

Oil flooded compressors have been the work-horse of industry for over fifty years. Blackhawk Equipment carries many options to meet efficiency and budget requirements.

  • Sullube 10,000 hr life non-varnishing, biodegradable lubricant
  • Rotors are engineered and machined in the USA. Time proven Sullair air end
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Some of the quietest packages available on the market
  • Standard 10 year warranty – most models


Power Pressures Capacities
5-50 hp 4-7 kW 115-150 psig 8-10 bar 16-219 acfm .47 to 6.2 m3/min
  • Cost effective.  
  • 5-year Emerald Warranty — providing coverage on major components
  • Options:  Sullair refrigerated dryer, Sullair filter, 80 or 120 gallon storage tank
ES6 IC_ES6-01.jpg


Power Pressures Capacities
5, 7.5, 10 hp 3.7, 5.5, 7.4 kW 125-175 psig 8.6-12.1 bar 13-36 acfm .37 to 1.02 m3/min
  • Encapsulated design
  • Multi-drive versions available
  • Motor voltages available include 200V, 230V, 460V, and 575V
  • Options:  Sound enclosure, Tank mounting with dryer and filter, 24KT™ lifetime fluid 
Senergy Encapsulated PIC_1100e-20S-energy.jpg

S-Energy Encapsulated

Power Pressures Capacities
15-25 hp 11-18 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-12.1 bar 43-107.8 acfm 1.24 to 3.05 m3/min
  • Variable speed drive available
  • Options: 24KT™ lifetime fluid, Cold weather package**, Weather hood**, Total package filtration**, Other motors and starters**, **Constant speed drive models only 


Power Pressures Capacities
25-100 hp 18-75 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-12.1 bar Up to 500 acfm 2.30 to 14.16 m3/min
  • Variable speed drive available
  • Variable capacity control spiral valve available only on 4500PSB-7500 PSB models
  • Options: Choice of air- or water-cooled, Cold weather package, Weather hood, TEFC motors, EES® heat recovery system, VSD Starter, NEMA 4 starter (full voltage or Wye-Delta), Magnetic air inlet filters (standard on VSD), High ambient package (55˚C, 131˚F), 24KT® long-lasting fluid or PristineFG food grade compressor fluids, Oil containment pan (ships loose) 

Single Stage

Power Pressures Capacities
125-350 hp 93-231 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-12.1 bar Up to 1615 acfm 12.9 to 45.7 m3/min
  • Variable speed drive and variable capacity control with spiral valve available.
  • Direct coupled, C-flange
  • Options:  Sound attenuating enclosure, Zero air loss condensate drain, TEFC premium efficiency motor, Energy Efficiency System (EES), Food grade compressor fluid, 24KT™ lifetime fluid 

Two Stage

Power Pressures Capacities
100-600 hp 75-448 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-10.3 bar Up to 3000 acfm 14.16 to 84.95 m3/min
  • Two stage – tandem compressors use two sets of rotors for unmatched full-load (13% more efficient) and part-load (30% more efficient) efficiency, with a two year payback on energy savings compared to single stage.  
  • Superior end to end rotor design.
  • 10 Variable speed drive models 100 to 450 HP, 75 to 336 kW.
  • Options:  Air or water cooled, NEMA 4 Wye Delta starter†, 24KT™ lifetime fluid††, TEFC Premium Efficient motor, enclosure, cold weather package and remote cooling package (AC) only. †TS-20 100 – 200 hp, ††Available for 100 and 125 psig models 

Two Stage Extreme Pressure (200-400HP, 149-298 kW)

Power Pressures Capacities
200 - 400 hp 149-298 kW 250-500 psig 17.2-34.5 bar 500-960 acfm 14.16 to 27.18 m3/min
  • Direct Coupled
  • Built-in aftercooler
  • Options:  Sound attentuating enclosure, Cold weather package, Solid state starter, Full voltage starter, TEFC premium efficiency motor 

EN Series

EN Series 3-40 hp, 3-30 kW.  Cost effective with mounted air dryer and receiver tank options.  Single phase available up to 7.5 hp.


EG Series

EG Series 15-300 HP, 11-250 kw.  Uptime Assurance = lifetime warranty on your compressor, and if there is an issue it will be up and running within 48 hours.  Variable frequency drives available to provide even greater energy savings 15-200 HP.


Nx Series

Nx Series – Smart & Sophisticated 5-250 hp, 4-185 kW. Fully enclosed units. Base and tank mount options up to 30 hp. Single phase is available up to 7.5 hp. Variable speed available 10-125 hp. Belt drive 5-50 hp, direct drive 60-250 hp. Electronic controller.


RS Series

RS Series – Rugged & Dependable. 15-300 hp, heavy duty design. Fixed speed, unenclosed, pneumatic controller. Belt drive 15-50 hp, 50-300 hp direct/gear drive.


B Series

5-200 hp, fully enclosed, belt and direct drive available, tank mount and air treatment available on select models. Variable speed drive 10-100 hp – available in direct and belt drive configurations.