Compressed Air Monitoring

Compressed Air Monitoring & Flow Meters

Compressed Air Monitoring Flow MetersCompressed air monitoring is essential to maintain the energy efficiency, air quality and safety of your compressed air system. In any manufacturing setting, having a compressed air system that is optimized for a specific application can make a big difference in efficiency and productivity. That's why at Blackhawk, we use precision air flow meters to tailor each system to the customer's needs. This results in a compressed air system that is specifically designed for the customer's manufacturing process and helps to improve their overall operation and reduces energy bills.


What Exactly Is An Air Flow Meter?

An air flow meter is a device that measures the amount of air flowing through a tube or pipe. It does not typically measure the volume of the air passing through, but rather, it measures the mass of air flowing through the device per unit time. Since an air compressor sends air out at a certain rate, the flow meter can determine how much air is coming through at any given point throughout the entire air system. These air flow meters become a vital tool in finding air leaks and or underperforming units.


In any industrial facility, compressed air is used to power a wide variety of equipment and tools. To keep things running smoothly, you need to have a reliable air flow meter. These devices measure the rate of airflow and can be used to find leaks or underperforming units. By having accurate data, you can schedule the necessary repairs and avoid costly downtime.


These little leaks across a large facility and over time can really add up and cost businesses thousands in dollars. If a compressed air unit is not getting the correct air flow, it can cause a strain on the entire system and damage other components in your production line. By using a wide variety of air flow meters for compressed air monitoring, your business can always have the best air efficiency at all times and keep equipment running at peak performance.


How to Choose the Best Air Flow Meter

Compressed Air Flow Scope DevicesOne of the most important first steps in choosing a flow sensor is to first ask if the flowrate data you want should be continuous or totalized. Then, you should ask if this information will be needed at a locally connected piece of air equipment or sent remotely to a software system or other controller. If the data is being sent remotely, should the transmission be analog, digital, or shared? If the data is shared, how often does the data get sent?


Consider what kind of accuracy you need. There are air flow meters on the market that boast high accuracy, but if you don't need that level of precision, it's not worth spending the extra money. Also, think about the different pressures you'll be measuring. Some air flow meters are only designed to work with one pressure, so if you need to measure multiple pressures, make sure to get a meter that can handle that.


Once these questions are answered, the properties and air flow characteristics of the air or gas, together with the piping that will hold the flow meter can be determined by the Blackhawk sales team. There are many options for flow meters and many flow meters can be installed inside custom piping systems for even the most complex air systems across a manufacturing facility. Contact Blackhawk for all the best options or to schedule an air audit of your existing system.




Get real time insight in your energy consumption with VP Instruments' air flow meters and software solutions. VP Instruments' compressed air flow meters check air consumption of machines, help allocate costs and monitor air leakage levels.

Are you ready to optimize the energy efficiency of your compressed air system?

Would you like compressed air monitoring, and other utilities displayed real-time via your web browser?


VP Instruments offers proprietary three-in-one bi-directional air and gas flow meters, and industrial energy monitoring solutions. Contact the Blackhawk sales team for more information on how to integrate air and gas flow meters into your compressed air system.

Blackhawk can help you select the right flow meter for your application and install it


VP Vision

A monitoring solution for compressed air, technical gases and energy management.  Run reports that include load, unload, starts, usage, costs and energy consumption.  Monitor your system real time from a user-friendly dashboard that includes air flow meter data, pressure, temperature, costs, efficiency, and consumption.  View graphs of data and historical trending.  Analyze your entire system by reviewing a real-time P&ID with data. Also, it can be used on an iPad.


VP Flow Scope DP

Measure compressed air flow at the compressor discharge, with 100% saturated air.  Combine the probe with two display module types, 3 row or 3 row with datalogger, or with a connector cap without display.


VP Flow Scope M

A three-in-one insertion flow meter for compressed air and technical gases. It can be installed under pressure and measures air flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously.  The VPFlowScope M does not require traditional recalibration, where you have to ship the unit back. Instead, the VPFlowScope M consists of a transmitter and the patented VPSensorCartridge® which reduces recalibration to a simple exchange.  Choose from uni or bi-directional sensor cartridge, and display or display plus datalogger.


VP Flow Scope Probe

Used by air auditors and standalone fixed installations. You can choose between data logger, display and cap options. The VPFlowScope M with VPSensorCartridge is a durable and highly accurate hygienic flow sensor that measures air flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously. It can be installed under pressure and does not require traditional recalibration.


VP Scope In-Line

Measure machine air consumption to understand costs and pressure loss of individual pieces of air or gas equipment. Enables monitoring of your critical process systems. VP Scope Probe is used by air auditors and standalone fixed installations. You can choose between data logger, display and cap options. VP Scope In-Line measures machine air consumption to understand costs and pressure loss of individual pieces of air or gas equipment.

Additional VP Instruments products include displays, sensors and tools/accessories.



BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers a full line of monitoring solutions for air flow, dew point, pressure, amps, temperature and leaks along with datalogging.  Unique air flow meter product offerings include:


Metpoint MMA

Continuously and reliably monitor the quality of breathing air. The MMA monitors the temperature and pressure of the breathing air, along with the dew point. It continuously checks for contamination of the breathing air. MMA is used in hospitals to monitor breathing gas quality in case of a fire or accident where potentially harmful substances are released into the atmosphere.


Metpoint OCV

Monitor the residual oil content of the flowing compressed air. Analyses down to a range of thousandth mg/m3 residual oil content can be continuously monitored online and during running operation. A residual oil content of the compressed air below 0.05 mg m3 is considered an acceptable standard. The remaining oil content should be continuously monitored and kept to a minimum. In case of excessive oil content in the compressed air, the flow should immediately be stopped and the problem investigated.