Water Packages

Custom Solutions – Water Packages

Blackhawk Equipment offers comprehensive custom water package solutions including skid systems, water boosters, strainers and intelligent energy recovery.

Packaged Boiler Skid Systems

  • Pre-plumbed and wired boiler packages including pump station, air elimination, hydronic expansion control and fuel gas regulation  
  • Modular design to meet varying demands
  • UL listed control panel
  • Touchscreen HMI
  • Customizable controls with options for Ethernet connectivity, boiler status, variable flow,  and remote start/stop
  • Automatic valves to control flow through the boilers during periods of low demand
  • Highly efficient condensing boiler available to achieve efficiencies up to 98%
  • NOx emission levels as low as 9ppm to meet the environmental requirements of your area

Domestic Water Booster Packages

  • Duplex or triplex systems featuring Grundfos’ CR series of multistage pumps 
  • Baldor premium efficient motors
  • A PLC pump control to meet varying flow conditions with ease  
  • Vertical pump design allows an efficient and compact skid footprint to fit tight locations  
  • Options for Ethernet, stainless steel construction, and low flow detection are available  


Applications include:

  • Domestic water pressure boosting
  • Industrial and manufacturing applications
  • Municipal
  • Irrigation 


Automatic Strainers

  • Continuous operation 
  • Automatic valve and backwash control based filtration element loading
  • Custom controls available
  • Wide range of element separations 0.125” to 0.001”
  • 150gpm to 85,000gpm flow capacity
  • Designed to be ASME Section VIII pressure vessel
  • Materials of construction include cast iron, lined carbon steel, 304L or 316L stainless steel

Applications include:

  • Effluent filtration
  • Cooling tower basin filtration
  • Can be used as full flow or kidney loop configuration


Intelligent Energy Recovery Packages (for waste heat recovery from water streams)


Many heat exchanger technologies available including: 
Brazed plate
Plate and frame
Shell and tube

  • Sanitary/food grade using polished 316 stainless steel
  • UL listed control panel
  • Instrumented to indicate instantaneous and totalized energy savings
  • Featuring IFM Effector pressure, flow and temperature transmitters
  • Piping and valves configured for backwash capability
  • High-quality radius butterfly and ball valves