Metal Beverage & Food Container

Metal Beverage & Food Container Industry

Blackhawk Equipment specializes in the Metal Beverage Food and Aerosol Container industry.  We have been working in this sector for more than 26 years and have become the resident experts in both the supply side (utility equipment) and the demand side (production equipment) of operations.  


Over the years we have learned the unique requirements of the demanding, 24/7 manufacturing process. We started as an equipment-only provider, but have evolved to a “systems provider” because of our knowledge of production equipment.  


We partner with production equipment manufacturers and end-users to improve efficiency and reduce consumption of compressed air and other costly utilities such as cooling water and vacuum.  Our distinctive approach to providing entire system recommendations in conjunction with hot water, soluble oil and air, vacuum, cooling water audits sets us apart from our competition.  


We have developed and implemented energy-saving measures using air compressorsair dryersvacuum pumpscooling tower systemschillers and temperature control systems utilized on the decorators.  Our fully customized and engineered soluble oil systems and condensing hot water systems emphasize reliability and energy efficiency. We take a very broad system approach to the service and support utilities in this industry.

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  • Compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers and cooling tower systems with specific scopes of supply. 
  • Unique, “plug ‘n’ play” condensing hot water systemsskid mounted with all controls, pumps and high efficiency heaters that require the least possible amount of site installation.
  • Our soluble oil systems are fully engineered and configurable in accordance with customer requirements. We do not supply the “off the shelf”, one-size-fits- all commodity that many other suppliers provide. 
  • Engineered, developed and tested temperature control systems for decorators, with a focus on precise ink temperature control at each head. Control for both cooling and heating with a simple user interface supplied as a complete system.
  • We offer any level of assistance from equipment only, to full engineering and drawing services and on-site project management.