Air Tools

Air Compressor Tools for Every Project


If you are looking for quality air compressor tools for your project that are not just efficient but also durable, then your search ends here at Blackhawk Equipment. We offer a variety of tools that can work across various fields, such as home construction, product manufacturing, demolition, furniture assembly, and more. We at Blackhawk Equipment have everything from rock drills to rivet busters to paving breakers and much more.


The main benefits of air tools are that they are more powerful, highly versatile, and a safer alternative to electric-powered air tools. They are less likely to break down and are often quieter. Furthermore, air-powered tools are lighter to use and also safe and easy to maintain.


An air compressor increases the amount of air in an enclosed space by packing or compressing it. It increases the air pressure, creating a force you can use for various purposes. They are popular pieces of equipment used at construction sites across the world.


By providing a reliable and efficient high-output, compressed air is often used to power a variety of air-operated tools in different manufacturing units.


Different types of air compressors come with their unique positives and drawbacks. Contact us at Blackhawk Equipment today if you need help with making an informed decision and if you’d like to know more about what air compressor equipment might fit your workload the best using air tools.



Backfill Tamper MBT-6

Quickly and efficiently compact backfill soil.

  • 32 cfm

Chipping Hammer – MCH models

Four-bolt backhead design reduces handle breakage and damage. The strong “D” configuration provides a comfortable, sure grip, even for a gloved hand. 

  • 17-33 cfm
  • 2”, 3” and 4” strokes available

Paving Breakers – MPB models

Ergonomically designed. Direct-impact, non-corrosive, automatic valve design with one-piece housing dramatically reduces air consumption. Anti-freeze muffler reduces noise up to 50%.

  • 37-62 cfm

Rivet Busters – MRB models

Cut off large rivet heads. Capable of heavy duty chipping and breaking of concrete. D-handle design provides comfort and control to the operator in demolition applications, while variable throttle control allows for variable speed control to support maximum production.

  • 44-50 cfm

Rock Drills – MRD models

Two parts moving during operation, a non-corrosive automatic valve, less radial piston movement and high-tech alloys means no special rock drill oil (except heavy duty model).

  • 21-95 cfm

Blackhawk Equipment also carries the following air tools by Sullair:


In addition to all the tools listed above, Blackhawk Equipment also provides its clients with the following air tools by Sullair:


  • SCWF Weld Flux Scaler
  • SANS Needle Scaler
  • Concrete Vibrator
  • MDT Demolition Tool
  • MCD Clay Digger


These tools can be used for various construction-based projects. For instance, MDT Demolition Tool is specifically designed to demolish structures. These powerful pieces of equipment have the high-impact energy required at the project site. They are also strong enough to break materials such as tiles, concrete flooring, and wooden structures.