Air Tools

Air Tools


Backfill Tamper MBT-6

Quickly and efficiently compact backfill soil.

  • 32 cfm

Chipping Hammer – MCH models

Four-bolt backhead design reduces handle breakage and damage. The strong “D” configuration provides a comfortable, sure grip, even for a gloved hand. 

  • 17-33 cfm
  • 2”, 3” and 4” strokes available

Paving Breakers – MPB models

Ergonomically designed. Direct-impact, non-corrosive, automatic valve design with one-piece housing dramatically reduces air consumption. Anti-freeze muffler reduces noise up to 50%.

  • 37-62 cfm

Rivet Busters – MRB models

Cut off large rivet heads. Capable of heavy duty chipping and breaking of concrete. D-handle design provides comfort and control to the operator in demolition applications, while variable throttle control allows for variable speed control to support maximum production.

  • 44-50 cfm

Rock Drills – MRD models

Two parts moving during operation, a non-corrosive automatic valve, less radial piston movement and high-tech alloys means no special rock drill oil (except heavy duty model).

  • 21-95 cfm

Blackhawk Equipment also carries the following air tools by Sullair:

  • SCWF Weld Flux Scaler
  • SANS Needle Scaler
  • Concrete Vibrator
  • MDT Demolition Tool
  • MCD Clay Digger