Oil Flooded

Oil Flooded Compressor

The Oil flooded compressor has been the work-horse of industry for over fifty years. Blackhawk Equipment carries many options to meet efficiency and budget requirements.

  • Sullube 10,000 hr life non-varnishing, biodegradable lubricant
  • Rotors are engineered and machined in the USA. Time proven Sullair air end
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Some of the quietest packages available on the market
  • Standard 10 year warranty – most models


Power Pressures Capacities
5-50 hp 4-7 kW 115-150 psig 8-10 bar 16-219 acfm .47 to 6.2 m3/min
  • Cost effective.  
  • 5-year Emerald Warranty — providing coverage on major components
  • Options:  Sullair refrigerated dryer, Sullair filter, 80 or 120 gallon storage tank
ES6 IC_ES6-01.jpg


Power Pressures Capacities
5, 7.5, 10 hp 3.7, 5.5, 7.4 kW 125-175 psig 8.6-12.1 bar 13-36 acfm .37 to 1.02 m3/min
  • Encapsulated design
  • Multi-drive versions available
  • Motor voltages available include 200V, 230V, 460V, and 575V
  • Options:  Sound enclosure, Tank mounting with dryer and filter, 24KT™ lifetime fluid 
Senergy Encapsulated PIC_1100e-20S-energy.jpg

S-Energy Encapsulated

Power Pressures Capacities
15-25 hp 11-18 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-12.1 bar 43-107.8 acfm 1.24 to 3.05 m3/min
  • Variable speed drive available
  • Options: 24KT™ lifetime fluid, Cold weather package**, Weather hood**, Total package filtration**, Other motors and starters**, **Constant speed drive models only 
PIC_S-energy 7500B angled 2.jpg


Power Pressures Capacities
25-100 hp 18-75 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-12.1 bar Up to 500 acfm 2.30 to 14.16 m3/min
  • Variable speed drive available
  • Variable capacity control spiral valve available only on 4500PSB-7500 PSB models
  • Options: Choice of air- or water-cooled, Cold weather package, Weather hood, TEFC motors, EES® heat recovery system, VSD Starter, NEMA 4 starter (full voltage or Wye-Delta), Magnetic air inlet filters (standard on VSD), High ambient package (55˚C, 131˚F), 24KT® long-lasting fluid or PristineFG food grade compressor fluids, Oil containment pan (ships loose) 

LS Series

Power Pressures Capacities
125 - 150 hp 90-110 kW 110-175 psig 7.6-12 bar 459-763 acfm 13.0 to 21.6 m3/min
  • Patent-pending Sullair Air End: Designed to be the most efficient Sullair air end ever
  • 10" Color Sullair Touch Screen Controller: Provides easy access to all key compressor performance parameters
  • Electronic Spiral Valve; or VSD 
  • AirLinx® Remote Monitoring System: Fast and easy monitoring from any connected device - computer, tablet or phone
  • Genuine Sullube® 10,000-hour, non-varnishing, biodegradable compressor fluid
  • Wye-Delta Starter/NEMA 4 Starter Box
  • Air Cooled
  • Zero Loss Drain
  • TEFC Motor: Offers increased protection against weather, dirt and moisture
  • Phase Monitor/Surge Protection

Single Stage

Power Pressures Capacities
200-350 hp 149-261 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-12.1 bar 720-1615 cfm 12.9 to 45.7 m3/min
  • Variable speed drive and variable capacity control with spiral valve available.
  • Direct coupled, C-flange
  • Options:  Sound attenuating enclosure, Zero air loss condensate drain, TEFC premium efficiency motor, Energy Efficiency System (EES), Food grade compressor fluid, 24KT™ lifetime fluid 

Two Stage

Power Pressures Capacities
100-600 hp 75-448 kW 100-175 psig 6.9-10.3 bar Up to 3000 acfm 14.16 to 84.95 m3/min
  • Two stage – tandem compressors use two sets of rotors for unmatched full-load (13% more efficient) and part-load (30% more efficient) efficiency, with a two year payback on energy savings compared to single stage.  
  • Superior end to end rotor design.
  • 10 Variable speed drive models 100 to 450 HP, 75 to 336 kW.
  • Options:  Air or water cooled, NEMA 4 Wye Delta starter†, 24KT™ lifetime fluid††, TEFC Premium Efficient motor, enclosure, cold weather package and remote cooling package (AC) only. †TS-20 100 – 200 hp, ††Available for 100 and 125 psig models 

Two Stage Extreme Pressure (200-400HP, 149-298 kW)

Power Pressures Capacities
200 - 400 hp 149-298 kW 250-500 psig 17.2-34.5 bar 500-960 acfm 14.16 to 27.18 m3/min
  • Direct Coupled
  • Built-in aftercooler
  • Options:  Sound attenuating enclosure, Cold weather package, Solid state starter, Full voltage starter, TEFC premium efficiency motor