Process Gas

Process Gas Compressors

Blackhawk Equipment process gas compressors have many uses, including vapor recovery process, pressure boosting, evacuation solutions and oil-free gas compression. Process gas compressors and gas compressor systems pressurize and circulate gas through a process that enhances conditions for chemical reactions.  Process gas compressors also provide inert gas for safety and control systems.  They can recover and recompress process gas and maintain proper pressure levels. 


Vapor Recover Gas Ends

Designed for the vapor recovery process, Sullair Gas Ends are able to handle high volumes of sweet or sour natural gases.   


Blackhawk will design, engineer and fabricate your custom solution.


High Pressure & Refrigeration Series Process Gas Ends

  • 108-3527 cfm
  • 200-500 psig

Low Pressure Process Gas Ends

  • 72-3292 cfm
  • 100-200 psig
Blackhawk Equipment offers Sauer Factory-Trained Service and OEM Parts:

Pressure Gas Compressors – Mistral Series

Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, Bio-Methane.  Air cooled.

  • 100-6000 psi (5.8-164.6 SCFM)

High Pressure Gas Compressors – Typhoon Series

Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, Bio-Methane.  Water cooled.

  • Pressure Range: 150-7000 psi (27-480 SCFM)

Oil-Less Harmattan Series

Pressure Range: 72-217 psi (38-136.5 SCFM)


MSG & Turbo-Air Centrifugal Compressors

For applications including: Fuel Gas Boosting, NGL Fractionation, LNG Liquefaction, Fertilizer – Ammonia, Urea, Carbon Monoxide Processing – HyCO.


Turbo-Gas Centrifugal Compressors

Landfill gas, digester gas, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and natural gas.

Ajax, Superior, Cooper-Bessemer

Reciprocating compression equipment for oil and gas production, transmission, processing and independent power industries.  High speed also available for lift/NGL, Gathering/FGB, Processing FPSO, pipeline, transmission, injection, and storage.