Compressors, Compressed Air Accessories, Industrial Cooling Systems and Industrial Process Equipment

Blackhawk Equipment carries innovative compressed air and equipment solutions, manufactured by the best names in the business.  Each manufacturer we represent has been selected for superior reputation and product longevity.


Whether you’re looking for a complete system or products to complement your existing system, we’ll help you find the best solution for your specific needs.


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Products by Sullair, Elgi, FS Curtis, DV Systems and Mattei. 500-600 HP. single-stage single-stage variable capacity, two-stage variable capacity, and two-stage extreme pressure. Wide range of pressure and flow options. Air and water cooled. Multiple voltages, heat recovery and inlet filtration options available.
Products by Sullair, Ingersoll Rand Tuboair (Cameron), Kobelco, Powerex. Class 0 Oil Free certification under ISO 8573-1. Centrifugal 500-118000 cfm 50-150 psig, and high pressure up to 610 psig. Oil free rotary screw 428-13,500 cfm 100-150 psig and high pressure up to 300 psig. Oil free scroll 8-118 cfm, 94-145 psig.
Products by GE Oil & Gas (Superior and Ajax), IngersollRand (Cameron), Corken, Sauer and Sullair air ends. Oil flooded from 0 – 6,000 psi, oil-free up to 217 psi. Gas boosters from 150 to 7,250 psi.
Products by Sullair and ICP. Gas and diesel, emissions compliant. John Deere and Caterpillar engines. 185-1600 cfm, 100-500 psig. Small and portable for commercial or contractor use. 2-50 HP gas, electric and diesel options. Wheelbarrow, enclosed and tank mount available. Compressor, welder and generator combinations available.
Products by ICP, FS Curtis, Champion and Chicago Pneumatic. 5 – 50 HP. Splash and pressure lubricated. Continuous duty available. Frame or tank mount, high pressure, single and three phase voltage options available.
Products by Vanair. Mobile power solutions including vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators, welders, hydraulics, chargers/boosters and engine starters. Abovedeck, hydraulically driven, engine driven, all-in-one systems and PTO underdeck systems.
Compressed Air Accessories
Products by Sullair and Chicago Pneumatic. Ideal for industrial and construction applications. Paving breakers, rock drills, chipping hammers, rivet busters, backfill tampers and more. Hand tools complement our full line of portable air compressors.
Products by Sullair, SPX Flow Hankison, Beko, Drain-all and ICP. Drying and filtration to meet all air quality standards and specifications. Refrigerated and desiccant air dryers. Heatless and blower purge, point of use, heat of compression, filtration, mist eliminators, condensate management, and breathing air purifiers.
Products by Beko, VP Instraments, IFM Effector and UE Systems. Dewpoint, flow and hydrocarbon monitoring. Flow meters and energy monitoring, instrumentation. Ultrasonic leak detectors save energy.
Products by Manchester and Silvan. Vertical and horizontal air and vacuum receiver tanks. ASME rated. Up to 300 psi. Interior and exterior paint and coatings available, custom sizes and configurations also available.
Infinity – aluminum piping system with metal fittings for compressed air, gases and vacuum. Light weight for ease of installation. Reusable fittings providing configurability. ½” – 10”. Products by Infinity. Aluminum piping systems, metal fittings for compressed air, gases and vacuum. Lightweight. Resuable fittings for configurability. 1/2” – 10”
Industrial Cooling Systems
Products by Pfannenberg, a global manugacturer of thermal management and liquid cooling for cabinets and industrial enclosures. Filter fans and closed loop cooling units save energy and maximize up time.
Products by MTA and Pfannenberg. Sizes ranging from ½ ton – 30 tons. Air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, dry fluid chillers. Optimize production in industrial applications that require chilled water.
Products by Thermal Precision and MTA. Closed and open loop evaporative cooling towers, and complete packages with control pump skids and base filtration. Air and water cooled chillers up to 100 tons, and free cooling chillers from 14-50 tons. Dry fluid coolers ranging from 200,000 to 2,000,000 Btu/hr.
Additional Industrial Process Equipment
Products by Bay, Case Controls, Benshaw and TTed Solutions. Controls, monitoring and automation to optimize performance and maximize energy savings. Compressed air, vacuum and dryer system integration. Solid state starters and variable speed drives.
Products by Great Lakes, Generon and Parker. Packaged Nitrogen Generation Skids available featuring Membrane and PSA, designed and built to your specific application.
Products by Busch, Dekker and Sullair. Rotary screw, liquid ring, rotary vane and reciprocating piston. Lubricated and oil free. Multiple configurations and medical packages available.
Products by Grundfos, Peerless and Paco. Multi-stage, vertical inline, submersible, sewage pumps, self-priming, end suction, double suction, submersible ground water pumps and dosing pumps.
Lontra Blower.jpg
Lontra Blowers
MOBISUN PLUS Solar Trailer - SOLAR UP.02.png
A Solar Power Trailer is specifically designed to meet the demanding power needs of construction site applications in urban, rural, and remote locations to replace diesel generators.
Instrument Air/ Starting Air Skid and building packages featuring Sullair Oil Flooded and Oil Free compressors, Sullair, ICP and SPXHankison Desciccant Dryers and Manchester Receiver Tanks. Custom pump skids, water boosting systems and hot water packages. Soluble oil systems for metal beverage containers, fluid energy recovery packages featuring Tranter plate and frame heat exchanges and custom controls with Allen Bradley components. LACT and hot oil skids and buildings built to customer specifications.