Custom Air Solutions

Custom Air Solutions

Blackhawk Equipment understands not every customer can benefit from a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We specialize in custom air solutions, compressed air, water and gas packages designed to meet your specific needs.


Compressed Air Packages

  • Open skids available for installation within customer provided buildingFully enclosed packages in temperature controlled buildings
  • Designed and engineered to meet specific State Building Codes and Requirements
  • Several options including:  single point electrical, redundancy, air drying, storage, and more.

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Water Packages

  • Custom pump skids
  • Water boosting systems
  • Hot water packages
  • Soluble oil systems for metal beverage containers

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Gas Packages

  • Fluid energy recovery packages featuring Tranter plate and frame heat exchanges and custom controls with Allen Bradley components
  • LACT and hot oil skids and buildings built to customer specifications

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