Process Chillers

Process Chillers

Process chillers are used in several industries and applications where heat must be removed from fluid utilized for cooling products or equipment. Increasing levels of sophistication and capital investment by industrial companies show that utilizing the highest precision equipment with zero downtime are an absolute must for an economically viable process. Blackhawk's recommended cooling solutions, developed specifically for growing businesses, perfectly answer your need for precise temperature control and absolute reliability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The costs of implementing a non-optimised solution far exceed the costs of implementing an optimised industrial cooling solution. Blackhawk offers many options to meet your industrial process chilling requirements where exact temperature control and reliable continuous operation is required.


Koolant Koolers S Series

The Koolant Koolers standard S Series product line from Glen Dimplex is ideal for solvent recovery and many other extraction applications. Designed for robust high-production operation and 24/7 operation, these units are rated to operate in harsh environments where ambient conditions range from -20 to 100°F. These S Series units feature built in sub-cooling and oversized condensers to ensure reliable operations, regardless of environment.


Koolant Koolers W Series

When production requires a lower fluid temperature, turn to the Koolant Koolers W Series option from Glen Dimplex. With high production level capacities and premium performance, this series provides standard cooling capacities over 100,000 BTU/hr and is highly customizable. This unit cools to either 20°F or -40°F depending on design selection.


Koolant Koolers Low-Temp P Series

When a process requires closer to -50°F the Koolant Koolers Low-Temp P Series from Glen Dimplex offers two stage compression and a small pressurized fluid loop, optimized for silicone-based fluids. This circuit blankets the fluid circuit with a nitrogen purge to prevent ice crystals from forming in the system. These chillers are production rated with capacities over 100,000 BTU/hr and designed for air-cooled or water-cooled condensing, with a single refrigerant to avoid complex blends and service issues.


Koolant Koolers LT Series

With cooling capacities large enough to replace two units, the compact Koolant Koolers LT Series from Glen Dimplex can deliver temps as low as -70°F and saves both installation time and footprint. Two compressors in cascading configuration work together to provide the extremely low temperatures required of your process, while two standard refrigerants make local service a breeze.


Koolant Koolers Heat and Cool

When a process requires both heating and cooling simultaneously, look no further than the Koolant Koolers HEAT and COOL design from Glen Dimplex. This single unit provides two circuits (one cooling to 20°F and one heating to 140°F) to save on space and installation.



  • 40% Inhibited Propylene Glycol Solution
  • Specifically Formulated to Protect Cannabis Chiller and the Environment
  • Proposition 65 Compliant (for State of California)
  • Inherently safe and environmentally friendly


CANNA COOL is a 40% Inhibited Propylene Glycol product used for Industrial Heat Transfer Fluid and is designed specifically for use in Cannabis Chilled Water Systems. Canna Cool is pre-blended with glycol and deionized water to prevent any sludge or reaction with make-up water hardness.


Why Use Canna Cool in your extraction process equipment?

Canna Cool is pre-mixed at 40% glycol and it has the proper amount of buffering agent (corrosion inhibitor) inside making it easy to use with your extraction equipment. Nothing to measure or formulate and if you keep a couple extra pails on hand you will always have what you need. No mixing or guessing, all you need to do is top off your system to keep your equipment running perfectly and your products safe from foreign residues and metals.