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Mobile Solar Power Electric Generators

Blackhawk Equipment is offering innovative solar power generation and lithium battery storage systems. Best deployed for remote job sites, hard to reach areas of a contruction zone and areas of a facility where power can't reach, these mobile power units fold out solar panels for ongoing power usage that charges in the field as you work. Mobile solar generators are an exciting new way to reduce costs for a project while being environmentally friendly... and getting things done the smart way! Learn more below:

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The MOBISUN PLUS Solar Power Trailer is specifically designed to meet the demanding power needs of construction site applications in urban, rural, and remote locations to replace diesel generators.

The MOBISUN PLUS provides 12kW output of clean, quiet, odorless energy to air-conditioned Construction Site Admin Trailers while also recharging tools and powering lights overnight. This rugged single-axle trailer has a fully-integrated 2kW solar array for power generation to charge the lithium battery bank inside the insulated water-tight NEMA 3R equivalent aluminium box. Includes extra MPPTs and combiner boxes to accept additional solar arrays for increased power generation.

The MOBISUN PLUS Solar Power Trailer for Construction is the perfect solution to displace the use of diesel generators (legacy technology producing harmful carbon emissions and disruptive noise) and can play an important role toward the decarbonization of off-grid power systems and contribute, in part, to broader net-zero organizational objectives.

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