Medical Gas

Medical Gas Air Compressors

Medical gas compressors and related systems are suited to a variety of applications where oil-less air is needed to ensure the safety of patients and medical team memebrs. Learn more which medical gas compressors and related medical equipment can serve your facility the best and give Blackhawk a call with any questions and pricing.


Medical Scroll Open Air Compressor

Powerex's innovative scroll technology is completely oil-less, extremely quiet, and energy efficient. The scroll pump has few moving parts, making it reliable and easier to maintain. The self lubricating tip seals and absence of a gearbox means the pump is truly 100% oil free for the best in medical gas applications.


  • ASME receiver
  • UL508A control panel
  • Air purification system
  • Carbon monoxide monitor
  • Dew point monitor
  • All interconnecting piping and wiring
  • Vibration isolation pads and flex connectors
  • Most multiplex scroll packages now OSHPD certified

Medical Scroll Enclosed Air Compressor

Powerex’s trademarked oil-free enclosure systems offer the lowest noise levels in the industry. Each system is packaged in a rigid steel frame with powder coated panels and lined with sound-deadening insulation. The low noise levels are unmatched in the industry and allow installation at the point of use, while the small footprint simultaneously maximizes floor space.


  • 3-5 HP systems are UL/CSA certified
  • Integral 13 gallon tank ASME/CRN
  • Inlet filtration with replaceable element
  • Front mounted control panel includes:
    • On/Off switch
    • Power on light
    • High temperature shutdown with indication light
    • Run time hourmeter
    • Pressure gauge
    • Automatic start/stop operation
    • Control voltage starter with motor overload protection
  • Internal vibration isolators
  • Air-cooled aftercooler
  • ODP Motor

Medical Instrument Air Compressor

The Powerex instrument air package is designed to provide instrument air for hospitals and medical institutes. This system meets NFPA99 requirements for Instrument Air.

Numerous models and configurations available. Contact Blackhawk for detailed pricing and setups.


Medical Vane Enclosed Vacuum Pump

This lubricated vane vacuum system decreases noise levels, allowing the vacuum system to be installed right at the point of use. Perfect when paired with other enclosed air systems, offering the lowest noise levels on the market. The lubrication from the oil in this pump results in higher efficiencies, lower operating temperatures and lower sound levels than oil-less designs. The lubricated vane design also results in the highest ultimate vacuum levels of all the vacuum technologies.


  • Lowest noise level on the market
  • Energy efficient technology
  • Extremely reliable
  • Highest ultimate vacuum levels
  • Long vane life
  • No water and sewage costs
  • Expandable configurations
  • Fully compliant with NFPA 99
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities

Medical Claw Open Vacuum Pump

The claw pump design is extremely efficient and has very low maintenance cost; because there is no actual contact between the rotors and the cylinder wall, parts that need replacing or required maintenance is minimized.


  • Energy efficient technology
  • Oil-free compression chamber
  • Low maintenance
  • No water and sewage costs
  • Suitable for dedicated waste anesthesia systems
  • Expandable configurations for skid mounted systems up to quadplex
  • Fully compliant with NFPA 99
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities

Medical Gas Pipeline Components

Medical gas pipeline components and related equipment help to regulate and control the flow of gas while staying compliant with all medical and industrial safety regulations. Obtain superior control and enhance all your safety protocols with Blackhawk's expertise and knowledge.


Powerex Medical Gas Outlets

Powerex medical gas outlets and risers represent the most technically advanced means of providing medical gas connections to medical gas piping systems.


  • Double O-ring seal design.
  • O-rings made of robust Viton® material – lasts 4 times longer than competitive barrel grommets.
  • Close tolerance fit with metal to metal contact – will support up to 10 lbs. at 2” without leaks.
  • DISS removable front assembly; easily maintain/replace outlets without shutting down the gas service.
  • 360° swivel inlet tube.
  • Durable, protective, vinyl gas identification label.

All DISS outlets are ETL listed to UL 1331 and SCAZ9170-1 and conform to NFPA 99 and CGA standards. All outlets are 100% tested for flow and leaks. 


Powerex Medical Alarm Panel

Powerex offers the most comprehensive LCD touch screen alarm panels on the market with the new Med Touch Series alarms.


  • Up to 128 signal points in a single panel
  • Bright, easy to read LCD displays
  • Text/e-mail notification of alarm events
  • Enter text instructions for staff under alarm condition

Powerex Medical Manifold

Powerex fully-automatic manifold systems incorporate innovative features that improve safety, reduce manifold system costs, enhance serviceability, and provide industry-leading reliability. 

  • Use of transducers instead of pressure switches.
    • Improved safety – alarm generated immediately if failure.
    • Improved accuracy – ±1% accuracy vs. ±5% for pressure switches.
    • Lower cost than pressure switches.
  • Custom 400 psig differential rated solenoid valves.
  • Easy to service
    • Simple, 2D layout.
    • Union fittings before and after all serviceable components.
  • Field convertible (i.e. standard flow to high flow, cylinder x cylinder to liquid x liquid).
  • Reduce waste – exclusive Economizer Software for liquid cabinets ensures that all liquid is used when the vessel is deemed empty.



Medical Area Alarm & Zone Valve Box

Powerex now offers the Integra Area Alarm and Zone Valve Box with LCD touch screens in their new Med Touch Series. Save wall space by combining the Area Alarm and the Zone Valve Box. The Integra product family streamlines design, installation, use, and service by combining the zone valve box and the area alarm into a single integrated panel. The Integra panel accommodates up to 7 gases vertically arranged in pipe sizes of ½” to 2”. Transducers are located within the box for easy testing.


  • Bright, easy to read LCD displays
  • Text/e-mail notification of alarm events
  • Enter text instructions for staff under alarm condition
  • Does not require re-calibration.
  • User-programmable high/low set points.
  • Adjustable packing with blow-out proof stem design.
  • Available with optional EZ Backfeed™.

Powerex Gas Control Panel

Powerex gas control panels feature a self-relieving 0-250 psi pressure regulator, easy to read 2” 0-300 psi gauges, a DISS outlet, and a high quality ball valves.

Powerex sleep lab control panels allow for the adjustment of oxygen to patient with entering the room. They feature click style flowmeters, 0-15lpm flow, inlet and outlet supply tubes with demand checks and DISS fitting, and can be plumbed left to right or right to left.

All panels are NFPA 99 and CGA compliant.