Industrial Controls

Industrial Air System Controls: Overview and Uses

Selecting the proper industrial air system controls is essential for optimum production in any industrial facility. It results in significant energy savings, reliability and pressure reduction, and improved system management within the facility.


A comprehensive industrial air system controller directly affects the operating and maintenance costs. Energy savings go up to 15-20%, and long-term maintenance costs get reduced by 7-10% if the industrial facility has an efficient industrial air system controller. Blackhawk Equipment has successfully implemented many such industrial air system controls using Benshaw starting air and variable frequency drives and Bay controllers.


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Controller – Network any make/model , and operate up to 32 compressors as a single coordinated system.    Auto start & stop of individual compressors, precise pressure regulation And performance reporting.  User friendly. 

Combine different compressor technologies in one cohesive system including:

  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Reciprocating Compressors

Other Options:

BayWatch – Web based, hosted monitoring and alerting system.

BayView Server – Full featured HMI/SCADA system for air compressors controlled by the Bay Controller.

BayView Scheduler – Advanced scheduling system, automating compressors schedules.

BayView 20/20 – Customizable HMI/SCADA system for integrating varying plant systems.


Custom Controls - Cooling Towers, Dryers, Building Controls and other Industrial Applications.

Blackhawk is an authorized Benshaw startup specialist. Our experienced staff of service technicians, applications specialists, and field engineers are standing ready to support all of your troubleshooting and repair needs for Benshaw products and more.




Starters - Soft starters provide gentle acceleration of pump, compressor, blower, fan and centrifuge motors, reducing mechanical stresses, eliminating costly downtime and extending equipment life. Standard, built to order and engineered starter packages for Low & Medium Voltage including continuous and severe duty.

The Benshaw Soft Starter is a microprocessor controlled solid state reduced voltage starter for three phase standard induction motors. It has the most advanced soft starting and soft stopping ramp profiles, motor control, motor protection and metering package features in the indusrty, using next generation Benshaw MX3 control technology.

Prepackaged and engineered control solutions include:

  • Induction, two-speed, synchronous, reversing, or wound rotor control
  • 5 kV, 7.2 kV or 15 kV to 30,000 HP
  • 3, 10 or 20 mW class power electronics
  • Intelligent control centers and lineups
  • Retrofits and turnkey modernization solutions

Variable Frequency Drives

The Benshaw family variable frequency drives feature a unique technology that allows Benshaw to offer a simple, flexible, and reliable drive solution. The M2L MV drive family is specially designed to offer greater versatility and easy integration making it easily adaptable to application’s unique requirements. Versatility enables various installation configurations to make the solution suitable for operation in different environmental conditions while providing significant cost savings and reduced total cost of ownership.

The modular power-cell based M2L inverter uses most reliable components such as LV IGBTs and dry-type film capacitors and equipped with the latest in technology safety features such as fast and reliable arc flash detection system.

The modular power cell based design and advanced remote monitoring system minimizes any probable down-town and consequently, highest availability.

The M2L spans a power range from 300 HP to 12,000 HP, operating at industry-standard medium voltages up to 7.2 kV. The M2L drive can accept up to a 35kV input.

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