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When it comes to implementing air compressor solutions for the oil and gas industry, Blackhawk Equipment knows the three words on your mind are safety, reliability and performance. And why wouldn’t they be? Accidents can affect people, equipment and your business operations. Blackhawk’s air compression solutions revolve around our deep industry experience and proven engineering innovations that make installations easy and your resource processing highly efficient.


There are several air compressor applications in the exploration, production, processing and transportation of oil and gas. Blackhawk Equipment has designed, fabricated and installed several packages for a variety of specific applications.



Starting Air


Our starting air packages have adequate receiver capacity, allowing sufficient quantities of starting air- although they typically require higher pressure compressors.


Instrument Air


From the well to power generation, we know that you need reliable, sustainable and safe compressed air equipment. Our instrument air compressor application substitutes compressed air for pressurized natural gas, helping you eliminate dangerous methane emissions and maintain a safe working environment. Our instrument air is usually at a lower pressure (125 PSIG or lower) and cost-effective applications work where electrical power is available.


LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer skids)


While transferring crude oil or petroleum from one owner to another is a simple enough process, we know that custody transfer requires accuracy down to the hundredth of a gallon. That’s why we’ve made sure our LACT skids are reliable and accurate. Whether you need an open skid or weather-proof building, we can customize the skid to your requirements. 


They’re also available in various sizes to meet your flow conditions. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, our skid bases are customizable, so you can choose from multiple options, including a fully welded diamond deck top plate, an open top or a spill containment base with a fiber grating walking service. 


Gas Compression & Boosting


When you buy a gas compressor or booster from us, you get to choose between high pressure (from 200-400 PSIG with flow rates up to 3,527 SCFM) and low pressure (from 100-200 PSIG with flow rates up to 3,292 SCFM) options. They can be used in various situations such as landfill gas recovery, wellhead compression, coal bed methane, sweet and sour process gas, flash gas and acid gas injection. Our packages are engineered and built for each of your specific applications and are complete with separators (T-tank or vertical), controls and explosion-proof motors. 


Wellhead Compression


Our wellhead compressors reduce wellhead pressure, allowing larger gas flow rates and extending the life of oil and gas wells to boost their production output.


Vapor Recovery


As you know, vapor recovery units compress and recover vapors to either return to the vapor recovery process or to be collected and sold. This means that our vapor recovery units can help you earn additional revenue through the sale of recovered gas vapors.




Introducing an inert gas into a closed system helps make the atmosphere oxygen deficient and therefore non-ignitable. Our inerting systems decrease the probability that flammable materials stored in a confined space will combust. 


Wellhead Gas Gathering Units 


We know that many physical transfers take place when transporting oil and gas. This is why we want to make the process as smooth as possible for you with our reliable wellhead gas gathering units. 



Unique Capabilities and Product Offerings:

  • Ability to meet all ISO Class 8573-1 for particulate, water and oil
  • Open Skid and Building Packages 
  • Explosion proof packages

As you can see, Blackhawk is a one-stop-shop for all your air compressor needs. Not only do we provide solutions, we also install and maintain your equipment for the duration of its life.


At Blackhawk Equipment, it’s important to us that our oil and gas compressors comply with international safety standards. When you’re working with dangerous gases, chemicals and fuels, you need to be able to rely on your compressors to keep your employees safe, your brand intact and your business booming.


Engineering also plays a vital role in providing you with quality compressors. From design engineering of natural gas compressors to water cooling systems, extensive research is conducted by our team before we provide you reliable equipment. After evaluating our systems and conducting air audits, we’ll then recommend the best economical solution for your business’ needs.


As a local company with a global reach, we strive to meet your needs by providing state-of-the-art equipment that adapts as the industry changes. And when it comes to service, we know that your time is important. That’s why we aim to repair and service all compressors in just one visit.


Contact Blackhawk’s sales team to discuss your exact requirements and get free estimates.



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