Compressed Air Systems

Custom Solutions – Compressed Air Systems

Blackhawk Equipment’s custom compressed air systems can meet building code requirements for any state or province. Features are ideally suited for unmanned sites which require little operator interface other than routine maintenance.


Specialties & Applications:

  • Starting Air Packages – Typically require higher pressure compressors (125-175 PSIG) and ISO 8573.1 Class 2 air dryer and filtration for -40 Deg F. – 40 Deg C.  pressure dew point.  Additionally adequate receiver capacity enables sufficient quantity of starting air.
  • Instrument Air – Usually lower pressure air (125 PSIG or lower).  Substitute compressed air for pressurized natural gas, to eliminate methane emissions and provide additional safety benefits. Cost- effective applications, however, are limited to those field sites with available electrical power, either from a utility or self-generated.
  • Colorado Certified Resolution 35 Buildings – In Colorado, after a thorough drawing and plan review followed by a series of inspections, factory built, non-residential Manufacturers Quality Program seals are issued by the state. The seal must be displayed on all fabricated, non-residential structures.
  • Texas Certified Department of Licensing and Regulation and Industrialized Housing and Buildings (IHB) - For buildings shipping to the State of Texas, which will include a set of PE stamped approval drawings and a building seal.
  • Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island & North Dakota - Interstate Industrialized Building Commission (IIBC)  - For buildings shipping to Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island and North Dakota, which will include a set of PE stamped approval drawings and a building seal.
  • International Building Code (IBC- For All buildings
  • Ohio – IU Manufacturer  - Includes a set of PE stamped approval drawings and a building seal.
  • California Department of Housing and Commercial Development -  Includes a manufacturers Certificate of Origin and Building Seal

Buildings are available with the following features:

  • Hollow structural steel frame work
  • 26 gauge panel exteriors and 29 gauge panel interiors in customer’s choice of color
  • Piping choices including 304 stainless steel with 3000# threaded fittings in 316 stainless steel
  • Climate control with a PLC controlled system of louvers and dampers designed to optimize the temperature within the structure for any season
  • Single-point electrical connections to enable on site electrical contractors to provide 480/3/60 power where it is distributed internally by a panel, to a transformer which powers the low voltage ancillary equipment like lights, fans, louvers and dampers
  • Heated and well insulated for cold weather climates
  • Accessories including  oil water separators for condensate management, desiccant dryer alternatives, receiver tank capacities and color choices
  • Skid bases and tanks blasted to SP-10 near- white finish with all seams caulked for moisture protection, Tnemec  Polymide Epoxy Primer in 3-6 dry mil thickness, followed by a finish coat of Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane 3-5 dry mil thickness in customer’s choice of color    
  • Open skids available for installation within customer provided building or outdoor installation (dependent upon environment)