Brewing Industry

Brewing Industry


Blackhawk Equipment has worked with several large and small breweries to maximize the efficiency of their air systems and ensure the highest level of air quality standards.


Great care must always be taken when compressed air comes into contact with food products, because compressed air is not clean by nature. On the contrary, solids and particles are present almost everywhere in the form of dust in various concentrations. Water, in the form of natural atmospheric humidity, is released in large quantities when the compressed air cools down. Oils and vapors can impact the taste of the food product and present hazards to the consumer. Thus, compressed air quality in accordance with the requirements of the respective application provides best possible safety for foods, consumers and food producers.


In most cases inside a brewery compressed air is used as pilot air in order to control valves and cylinders. However, significantly higher levels of purity are required when compressed air is used as process air. Typical applications in breweries include cleaning or drying bottles and cans during the filling process or blowing out lines between batches. One of the more sensitive applications is wort aeration, where compressed air is in contact with the product for an extended period of time. In all cases the final quality of the beer is impacted by the compressed air and the odors and particles contained within.

Brewing – How is Air Used

  • To push fluids through piping and empty tanks, in the form of dry, oil-free, sterile air.
  • To aerate wort, yeast, or water, in the form of dry, oil-free, sterile air.
  • As an energy carrier for the pneumatic transportation of solids, such as spent grains, whole malt, sugar, and filter media, in the form of oil-free, and where necessary, dry air.
  • As a purge gas to displace CO2 from tanks prior to being cleaned in place (CIP) with caustic, in the form of oil-free, sterile air.
  • To modulate valves in valve control operations, in the form of dry, oil-free air.
  • As an energy carrier to drive air tools, in the form of dry air.
  • Plant maintenance and control
  • To power onsite nitrogen generator to purge storage tanks


Other Utilities

  • Cooling water
  • Nitrogen
  • Vacuum


Blackhawk Equipment can help you with your all your Brewing air system and industrial equipment utilities requirements.