Grundfos and their legacy brands provide a comprehensive range of optimized industrial fluid pump solutions for the North American process and utility market. Grundfos is a full-line supplier of reliable products and robust service offerings for both process applications, including Chemicals, Automotive, Mining, Oil & Gas, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Power. From water supply and wastewater treatment to boiler, cooling and thermal control including washing & cleaning and water treatment, Grundfos is a full-line supplier of reliable fluid pumps.


Grundfos has one of the broadest pump lines for process and industrial applications, supported by Blackhawk's technical team across Colorado and the US. Grundfos fluid pumps are available in most machinable alloys and non-metallic materials of construction for various fluid types. Grundfos pumps will meet your exact requirements and are also versatile to cover multiple kinds of fluid pumping applications in the field.


Grundfos has served the North American market for more than 40 years, flourishing from one small factory in CA to 17 manufacturing, logistics, sales and service facilities throughout the region. Today Grundfos provides comprehensive, cross-continental coverage through a number of marquee product brands, some with roots going back a century or more. Together, Grundfos, PACO, Peerless Pump, LaBour Taber and YCC provide a complete portfolio of fluid pumps and other products for the North American industrial market.


General applications for Grundfos fluid pump products

Call Blackhawk Equipment or visit the Grundfos website for detailed specs and product groups.

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Grundfos Fluid Pumps for Boilers

Grundfos’ thoroughly tested, variable frequency drive pumps optimize the boiler feed process. Blackhawk Equipment often designs and manufactures packaged boiler systems and plants for optimal temperature regulation across the entire system. Our boiler plants incorporate Grundfos energy efficient pumping systems, a variety of boiler technologies, and condensate return water systems for fully integrated modular plants. These pumping solutions often cater to systems with poor inlet conditions. This ensures cavitation-free operation even outside the fluid pump´s normal duty range. Grundfos’ air-cooled top shaft seal solution eliminates the need for external cooling in high temperature applications making it a good choice for Blackhawk customers across Colorado and the United States.


Grundfos Cooling & Thermal Pumps

Grundfos fluid pumps include numerous pump types for cooling and heating applications, water-borne as well as various other fluid materials. Fluid pumps for high-temperature applications can also be customized through your Blackhawk sales team. All Grundfos fluid pumps can be supplied with variable frequency drive motors, offering major advantages in terms of dimensioning and energy savings. The Grundfos VL/VLS Inline pumps have proven to be extremely versatile, often exceeding the requirements for a variety of market applications, such as chilled water, condenser water, and hot water systems.


Grundfos Pumps for Food and Beverage

For every imaginable pump application in food processing and manufacturing, Grundfos fluid pumps give you precision engineering and optimal compatibility. From brewing and baby formula to ice cream and tomato sauce, a large assortment of fluid pumps help refine food and various liquids for every stage in a product’s creation. With features including stable temperature control and process control, Blackhawk Equipment recommends Grundfos and can help determine the best product for improving or enhancing the speed and flow of your ingredients for better production and cost savings.


Grundfos Pumps for Pressure Boosting

Grundfos fluid pumps offer fully integrated, all-in-one packaged systems and are designed to meet changing capacity requirements with optimal efficiency. Blackhawk Equipment recommends Grundfos high pressure pumps to ensure ultimate performance in any fluid pressure boosting application. One of the most common Grundfos pumps is the basic CR pump which is available in four different materials: cast iron, two grades of stainless steel, and all-titanium. The CRE pump is a CR pump, motor and integrated variable frequency drive. Please call Blackhawk direct for help in determining which of Grundfos’ 14 pump lines will serve you best.


Grundfos Pumps for Washing & Cleaning

Grundfos has fluid pump solutions with a wide temperature range and suitable for the pumping of corrosive media. Grundfos’ reliable, compact pumps are ideal for washing and cleaning applications for this reason. High efficiency, smart motors perfectly control the process with low energy consumption. Blackhawk Equipment recommends over 27 different Grundfos fluid pumps and accessories to complete any industrial application you need. It is extremely likely that Grundfos products together with the technical sales team at Blackhawk will deliver a fantastic solution for a great price.


Grundfos Water & Wastewater Treatment Pumps

For water distribution applications such as site-wide distribution, local water stations, water towers and water pressure boosting, Grundfos offers boosting pumps, dosing & disinfection, end suction pumps, pump systems, split case pumps, inline pumps, vertical turbine pumps, and controls & monitoring. Grundfos wastewater treatment solutions include boosting pumps, dosing & disinfection pumps, sewage pumps, pump systems, vertical turbine pumps, mixers & flowmakers, and controls & monitoring. This comprehensive portfolio of products covers inlet, primary treatment, chemical treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment, sludge treatment, and equalization. Blackhawk can help decide which combination of fluid pumps is the optimal solution with our technical sales team.


Blackhawk Equipment proudly carries these Grundfos products: