Cooling Water Systems and Cooling Towers

Cooling Water Systems and Cooling Towers

Cooling water systems and towers remove the heat from water that is then used in various industrial processes.  Blackhawk Equipment offers several solutions for your industrial water cooling requirements.  Blackhawk Equipment also offers custom cooling towers. 

Dry Cooler.jpg

Dry Fluid

  • Sealed and pressurized closed loop system, uses ambient air across heat exchanger to dissipate heat  
  • Sized to match specific heat load
  • Pre-assembled and wired for easy installation
  • Trim coolers for unexpected high ambient temperatures or to hold fluid temperatures to specifications available in tube-in shell or plate and frame
Pump Skid.jpg

Closed Evaporative

  • Water/glycol mixture is circulated between heat load and evaporative cooler through a packaged pump/control module, factory pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation
  • Best utilized in high ambient locations with low humidity
  • Available with axial fans, centrifugal fans, fan cycling, dampers and pan heaters
  • Reduces high water and sewage costs
Evap Tower.jpg

Open Evaporative or Custom

  • Cooling Tower packages with fan cycling for precise temperature control
  • Available with two speed fan motors, water storage tanks, pan heaters, and stainless steel and fiber housing
  • Custom pump packages and controls offered.  See Custom Solutions – Water Packages