Ingersoll Rand Parts and Products (Cameron Compression)

Ingersoll Rand Cameron Compression

Ingersoll Rand Parts and Products (Cameron Compression)

Ingersoll Rand parts and products are a world leader in design and manufacturing of technologically advanced centrifugal compressors. Backed by 60 years of commitment, focus and improvement, their reputation for reliable and efficient compression technology is well-earned.


In 1955, the company was known as Joy Manufacturing Company. They developed its first integrally geared centrifugal compressor. The Joy Compressors became the prototype of the innovative design that has become the defining standard for the oil-free centrifugal compressor.


In 2015, Ingersoll Rand acquired the assets of Cameron’s Centrifugal Compression division.


Ingersoll Rand centrifugal compressors operate in a multitude of diverse installations that span six continents. International concern for a cleaner environment has motivated businesses to choose their products wisely, allowing users to harness the power of oil-free compressed air, and to reduce the ratio of energy consumed to the volume of compressed air or gas produced.


The Buffalo, NY complex is dedicated to centrifugal compressor technology and includes a manufacturing and assembly plant, a state-of-the-art research and development facility, and a training school. These resources, along with a worldwide network of salespersons, distributors, and trained authorized service representatives, enable Colorado's Blackhawk Equipment to provide high-quality compression systems and Cameron compressor parts and services to a broad spectrum of industries. Many have come to rely upon Cameron compression products as critical production enabling equipment.


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