VP Instruments

VP Instruments

VP Instruments

VPInstruments was founded over 15 years ago, to provide fundamental, easy to use solutions to measurement problems, with two eyes for detail.


Their three-in-one flow meters are based on proprietary sensor technology (Thermabridge) and enable you to measure mass flow, flow direction, pressure and temperature. This is the only way to get a complete picture your energy consumption, which ultimately leads to the right savings measures. Their products are used by customers worldwide to save money and energy.


VPInstruments feels responsible for the quality of their products and the level of service they provide. They also care about the environment, leading to the creation of products that last and make a contribution towards energy savings.


The VPFlowScope product line gives insight in compressed air systems and helps find energy losses. Compressed air is a very expensive energy source. In fact it can be about 20 times more expensive than electricity. In many cases, compressed air is wasted due to leakage, non-optimal compressor configurations or misuse.


Their products can help you improve and optimize your compressed air system. Your return on investment will be realized in a matter of months.



Blackhawk Equipment proudly carries these VP Instruments products: