Piping Systems

Piping Systems

Blackhawk Equipment offers solid metal materials, compressed air distribution systems, compressed air line systems and compressed air piping systems. 

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Infinity 20mm – 63mm

Infinity piping systems feature solid metal materials for increased strength and durability. 

  • Reusable nickel-plated brass fittings
  • Leak-free connectors for an immediate, unbreakable seal
  • Quick and easy installation and modifications
  • Impervious to air contaminants and corrosion
  • Fully compliant with piping standards
  • Color coded blue for compressed air, also available in black and gray.

Quickfit 14mm

Quick-Fit 14mm (½”) – Light commercial and OEM machine applications.  Light weight marine grade aluminum tubing.  Solid brass nickel plated fittings.  Push together fittings.


Infinity 20mm - 63mm

Infinity 20mm – 63mm (¾” – 2 ½”) – Industrial and commercial installations.  Lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe, leak-free system for all compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications.  Fittings can be disconnected and reconnected to accommodate system changes.


Elevation 70mm-273mm

Elevation 70mm – 273mm (2 ½” – 10”) – Large volume. Can be used for compressed air, inert gases and vacuum systems.  Fully tested and code approved.

Additional piping system products

Drain valves, zero loss drains, flow controllers, condensate catchers, lockable exhausting valves, DRI – water removers, manifolds and  Opticlean (hydrocarbon remover) are available.